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Karla Williams founded GovCon Academy because of a sincere desire to show companies how cut through the bureaucracy and win contracts.

She hosts webinars, showcases and on-demand training.

Passionate about the needs of women, Karla is the corporate sponsor for GovCon Women. GovCon Women provides opportunities for women owned businesses to have access to industry experts, affordable webinars and to network with other small business owners.

Praise for GovCon Academy

We can’t all know everything about each facet of our business. Surrounding yourself with amazing partners strengthens the services we are able to provide. I have worked with Karla for nearly 10 years, where she has helped our organization tremendously by training, advising, and consulting on the services we provide to the Federal government. I am endlessly impressed by Karla’s ability to have solutions and answers to anything I need to know to effectively work with the Federal government. Which is no small task for any organization. Not only is Karla a wealth of knowledge, she is also willing to provide the training to help us get to solutions self-sufficiently. And, of course Karla is engaging and makes me laugh every time I talk to her. I look forward to speaking with her every time we are able to meet! If anyone is looking for a phenomenal partnership with someone specialized in providing services to the Federal government, Karla gets my highest recommendation.

In January 2021, Karla provided four training sessions to Capgemini Government Solutions on federal business development. She did an excellent job educating participants on market research tools and strategies to form relationships with key market stakeholders in the federal government. Would highly recommend Karla for all your federal business development training needs!

Karla possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding GOVCON. I enjoyed her professional, yet warm and relatable Coaching style. I would say that she has effectively systematized the entire process of teaching GOVCON from A-Z. Her lessons are intense, but not overwhelming. If you put in the work and follow Karla’s GOVCON Academy system, you will win.

Just a quick note to let you know that we did win the contract. I have no doubt that the leadership and support you provided our had a lot to do with our success. I look forward to work with you again.

Thanks so much for your presentation today. I was taking note for my Manager, Mari Fountain- FDG Products who had another meeting and couldn’t attend. The information was really valuable

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