Reading the strategic plan for agencies you support can help you become a successful government contractor. Agency strategic plans identify what the agency priorities and goals will be over a period of time.

2021 ushered in a new administration, so your assignment is to familiarize yourself with the agency mission today. And then be on the lookout for strategic plans from the new administration that will reveal their strategic direction and priorities.

Today, read the agency’s strategic plan. Pay attention to the mission, strategic goals, strategic and management objectives, strategies, and priority goals. When the new administration’s strategic plan is released look for differences.

The purpose of this? If you know and understand the outcome that the agency(s) you support is required to deliver, you can figure out where you fit it. And you can also figure out if there is an opportunity to offer your products or services to a larger audience. This is one way we teach you to win government contracts.

Set a Google Alert so that you receive notification of any new information published by the agency, including new Strategic Plans.