Congratulations. You have figured out how to make your government customer know, like and trust you to deliver the results they are paying for. This strategy has resulted in your winning government contract awards.

You did this by carefully building your reputation. And you didn’t do that alone. Your employees played a large role in developing and preserving that reputation. And when properly tasked, these same employees are the best tool you have to continue to win more government contracts.

But this won’t happen automatically. You will need to develop both a deliberate strategy for your employees to follow and a clear compensation plan that rewards success.

An agency specific business development strategy must focus on the goals and mission of the agency. This begins by explaining how your product or service contributes to the agency’s success in fulfilling their mission. Next, employees need to understand what additional products or services your company can provide. They also must understand how those products and services can either save the agency money, improve quality of a critical process, or deliver desired outcomes faster.

To use this information properly, employees must understand the process the agency uses to buy your products or services. And they must understand how and when they can take steps that lead to becoming a trusted resource. Help them understand how trusted resource status that helps their customer find solutions is the key to long term success and results in government contract wins.

Finally, a company needs to be available to provide support, guidance and coaching as employees use their newly acquired skills. This coaching should provide the resources that individual contributors need to win new business. Employees must be able to visualize actually receiving compensation for their efforts in growing the business they work for. This ongoing support is required to keep employees motivated, because successfully implementing these steps to win new government contracts takes time.

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