Q4 Marketing Tips

Things to think about when considering bidding on a MAC

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Hi there! It’s almost go time for Q4 in GovCon. One report that I saw last week indicated that the government had only spent half of their contract budget as of the middle of May. This means that they have to spend the other half in just a little over four months.

We’ve got some special events and offers on the horizon to help you get the most out of this Q4 season. Stay tuned more information is coming.

CIO-SP4 is out and Polaris is rumored to be on the way. And an industry day is expected this summer for GSA’s newest BIC, currently called BIC MAC which stands for Best in class multiple award contract. As you probably know these contracts are long term ordering vehicles for services. What type of companies are these MAC awards best for?

That is the 64thousand dollar question. Here are a few things I am advising my clients to consider.

  1. Do you sell solutions that don’t meet the definition of commercial? If so, a MAC could be a good option for you, especially if your customers prefer cost reimbursement contracts.
  2. Are your services usually awarded based on price or based on being the highest rated technical proposal? If not, GSA schedules, BPAs, and definitive contracts might be a better choice for you.
  3. Can you satisfy the requirements to secure an award on your own or will you rely in part on a teaming or JV partner to qualify? Often teaming and JV relationships are limited for a number of reasons. Consider what will happen to your ability to compete once those relationships expire in later years of the MAC’s period of performance.
  4. The volume of orders on any of these vehicles can be vast. Do you have a well-defined business development process that to position yourself before your best prospects that are likely to use the MAC? And do you have a reliable and easy to execute proposal process to respond to those orders that you have been shaping and tracking? If your plan to win work on the MAC is based on waiting to see what TORFPs come out– well that’s hope not a strategy.
  5. Finally, what does the data say? How much work have companies who are similar to you in size, experience and with a similar level of BD “feet on the street” (or lack there of) won on the existing MAC? And if not, what is your plan to achieve a better ROI.

Every situation is different. The simple fact that these contracts last for years is not a good reason to divert your scarce B&P resources to getting one of these awards. Remember GSA schedule awards also help agencies meet their mandated goals. If you’d like to talk more about this, give me a call. 855-357-3330.