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Govcon Academy is an institution dedicated to supporting Government Contractors in winning contracts. 

Our founder has a unique mission. No business owner should ever be held hostage by the BD/Capture company/coach/employee. Our approach is to teach you what you need to do so you can lead your team by example.

If this is a mission you can get behind, contact her directly at 855-357-3330 or attend one of her let’s talk sessions.

a word from our founder

I partner with you to develop and execute a plan that may save you a year of wasted time and thousands of dollars.

Karla Williams

If you’ve landed here, I suspect that you know that finding, winning and managing government contracts is hard and all consuming.

And extremely rewarding.

For decades, it was my job to make sure that opportunities were identified, proposals were submitted, and contracts were won and managed efficiently and profitably. This required me to use every available resource to achieve my goals. And continuing to deliver excellent performance for customers and the company in a deadline driven, highly competitive environment drained my staff and me.

Fast forward to today and it is even harder for companies to succeed than it was when I had these important responsibilities. Federal spending is uncertain. Solicitations are perpetually delayed based on budget uncertainty and government staff reductions. Companies are now expected to deliver an innovative, high quality approach at a rock bottom price. Small businesses are being shut out by large mandatory strategic sourcing efforts and an ever growing array of regulations that further complicate an already complex process.

So after years doing other things, I find myself back where I always land – in the world of GovCon. Because I love it – and it is never dull.

I present tried and true processes that I and many others use to teach companies just like yours to win and succeed. Your team benefits from learning processes that have been proven to deliver results.

I understand the feelings of overwhelm and burnout that many business owners and their employees face. And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how burnout affects even the highest performing person’s ability to do their best work. And when owners and key personnel are no longer able to deliver their best – your business suffers. 

Our training delivers skills that get your entire team up moving in a productive direction.

FrEquently Asked Questions

For virtual classes, refunds are available up to 3 days prior to the start date of the class. After 3 days, only 50% of the course fee will be refunded.

For in person and customized courses, refunds are evaluated on a case by case basis.