The first 2021 graduates of GovCon Academy’s Incubator School were awarded their certificate of completion on Saturday. As the participants congratulated each other, the following comments were made.

Participant 1: We now have a pipeline of opportunities to pursue.

Participant 2: Confidence that I have the right message to catch the attention of government prospects and prime contractors.

Participant 3: A plan that allows me to make one call a day to a new prospect to gather information and fine tune my messaging.

Participant 4: I’m one person. My partners and employees don’t understand what I need to do. The group of peers to learn from and with has given me new perspectives and tools I can use.

Participant 5: Resources and a coach that I can count on.

Each of these participants started this program to achieve actionable strategies to achieve the following.

  • A pipeline consisting of opportunities to pursue
  • A capture plan that contains specific actions to take, people to talk to, who the competitors are and who you can potentially partner with
  • The right messaging designed to meet the concerns of your BEST prospects
  • Call plans and what to say to whom when
  • Your personalized strategy to use as you select the BEST opportunities with the HIGHEST PROBABILITY of success before you write on bid or proposal
  • An introduction to the information they need to gather in order to write more winning proposals

Wonderful things happen when people do the work to actually draw a roadmap to achieve their goals. If you are tired of going it alone, the next session starts soon.

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