GovCon Business Incubator

The US government buys more goods and services than anyone else in the US and maybe the world. And most business owners would like to earn some of that money. The problem is many businesses don’t know where to start. If that is your dilemma, I can help. Introducing the nine-session business incubator school for […]

The Benefits of Automated Bookkeeping for Government Contractors


Small businesses often lack the financial resources to staff their accounting departments with the expertise necessary to fuel strategic growth. Companies need a unique skillset to achieve and maintain accounting compliance in government contracts and many local CPAs lack this expertise. That's where outsourced accounting and automated bookkeeping comes into play, especially for government contractors. […]

Service Contract Labor Standards


Taught by expert lawyers who offer real-world, practical advice. This class also provides detailed information on how to identify and mitigate risk under the SCLS, apply wage and benefit rules, avoid violations, fulfill SCLS obligations, and understand special compliance issues from the Department of Labor. Our instructors provide all the ins and outs of how […]


GovCon “LIVE Q&A” Cafe – AUGUST – Compliance


Any business with the federal government involves compliance and back office reporting. The government conducts audits and vendors must be prepared with supporting documentation. Contract administration is an important and essential back office task. Learn more from a short presentation from our 4 Subject Matter Experts, then get answers to your live questions. Session includes […]


Administration of Government Contracts


Solve complex contracting issues, comply with contract requirements, fulfill reporting requirements, and manage difficult situations. This course gives you an in-depth tutorial on contract management fundamentals including the role of the contract manager in each phase of the acquisition lifecycle. Basic project management principles are interwoven to provide a baseline for successful contract management.


GovCon “LIVE Q&A” Cafe – SEPTEMBER – Oral Presentations


Oral presentation are sometimes required in federal contracting. Knowing what to communicate and how to communicate based on the audience is a key component. Highlighting past performance Learn more from a short presentation from our 4 Subject Matter Experts, then get answers to your live questions. Session includes PPT slides over webcam and will last […]

Conquering GovCon Category Management – Polaris


It's a brand new year in GovCon. The focus of our first event is category management, specifically Polaris. Experts that track data are noticing a disturbing trend. Fewer and fewer government contract opportunities are purchase after soliciting offers on Many opportunities are solicited using MATOCs (Multiple Award Task Order Contracts) like OASIS, Alliant, and […]

Win More Contracts by Writing Winning Proposals


Writing a proposal requires strong management and organizational skills to ensure compliance to the RFP requirements while at the same time conveying the win themes that developed during the Capture process that is the foundation of your win strategy. In this working session, we will provide guidance on how to perform the following essential activities […]


GovCon Masterclass


In this two day crash course, participants will master the basics of GovCon so they can win contracts.


SME’s Corner – The Power of Teaming Agreements

The Towerr Club 8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Vienna, VA

Explore how to develop productive teaming partnerships which are one of the best ways to grow market share in the age of Category Management.