Your employees asked us to have a chat with you.

You see, as excited as they are about their new job, they are overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with

  • learning a new job, and
  • by the way they are being trained.

They want you to recognize that sitting in a training class being subjected to “death by PowerPoint” either in person or virtually just isn’t cutting it.

Especially when the classes are weeks long.

They want you to remember that they are new to their job and are primarily working on smaller buys that aren’t cost reimbursement or incentive contracts.

They wanted us to tell you that they need tools and tactics that are relevant to their work today. Not information they may never use.

We offer you an alternative that teaches your staff things they can use today!

We have short, affordable, interactive courses that deliver the information your employees need when they need it.

And we are excited to be able to provide coaching and answer real time questions for people who participate in our office hours program.