Who is this program best for?

This program is best for small businesses who either have a government prime contract or a subcontract. We find that people in companies that are just starting out often don’t have the resources to sustain operations for the 12 -24 months it can take to win a prime contract. Establishing to tools and systems necessary to win government contracts takes time, people and financial resources. We recommend these people consider the home study course. If you are in this category details on this program are found at this link. 

Who is this program NOT going to work for?

I try to help everyone. But please know that experience has taught me that not everyone is ready or able to make the investments of money, time and people necessary to gain value from this program. Winning government contracts is hard – if it weren’t everyone would have many government contracts. In order to be accepted in this program, you must meet the following criteria.

  • You have one or more government prime contracts or subcontracts.
  • You are not the sole employee of your company (associates can be ad-hoc 1099 or W-2 but you need assistance).
  • You must be open to new processes and willing to do the hard, introspective work it takes.
  • You have the time to work not only in your business serving clients but also to work ON your business. No excuses – weekends, early mornings, late nights, whatever it takes. But you MUST be willing to put in the time to complete the exercises fully and completely, participate in group coaching and in the private mastermind group, both online and virtually video to video.  It’s only fair to the other group members.


Finally, if you have a negative attitude and think you have all the answers – that fine. But this program won’t work for you!

Do you offer a guarantee?


If at the completion of the program you haven’t made progress even though you have done all the work and participated fully in all the activities, I will work with you until you make the breakthrough you need to put you on the path to winning a government contract.