You’ve done the hard work. You’ve managed to sell your value as a partner and are performing important work as a subcontractor on a federal prime contract. And in part, their success in winning government contracts is supported by the value you bring to their team.

What can you do to increase your value with that prime contractor? And is this action something you can do while improving your own chances of finally having past performance so you can win government contracts as the prime contractor?

Maybe, if you think strategically you can identify a winning option for the prime contractor and yourself.

This strategy could begin with a trip to the small business rep at the agency you are working to support. The purpose of this meeting? To identify possible small business opportunities where you could realistically compete as the prime contractor. This strategy benefits the agency because they already know that your two entities can collaborate effectively AND they know firsthand how well the team you are on is performing. For a company that wishes to move from subcontractor to prime contractor, leveraging the past performance of a subcontract teaming partner is an effective growth strategy that supports winning government prime contracts.

Your value as a subcontractor teaming partner has just increased. And having staying power on any team requires constantly showing why you are a valued resource.

While this works best when your current prime is a large business, it is also beneficial when working with more established small businesses who always need to be mindful of developing trusted teaming relationships with companies of all sizes. And before you reach out, always do your homework. A good place to start is with the agency forecasts located on

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