GovCon BUSINESS Incubator School

The US government buys more goods and services than anyone else in the US and maybe the world. And most business owners would like to earn some of that money. The problem is many businesses don’t know where to start. If that is your dilemma, I can help.

Introducing the nine-session GovCon Business Incubator School

At the end of this program, you will have the following.

With every program you get almost $2,000 in bonuses

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is best for small businesses who either have a government prime contract or a subcontract. We find that people in companies that are just starting out often don’t have the resources to sustain operations for the 12 -24 months it can take to win a prime contract. Establishing the tools and systems necessary to win government contracts takes time, people and financial resources.


I like to help everyone. But please know that experience has taught me that not everyone is ready or able to make the investments of money, time and people necessary to gain value from this program. Winning government contracts is hard – if it weren’t everyone would have many government contracts. In order to be accepted in this program, you must meet the following criteria.

  • You have one or more government prime contracts or subcontracts.
  • You are not the sole employee of your company (associates can be ad-hoc 1099 or W-2 but you need assistance).
  • You must be open to new processes and willing to do the hard, introspective work it takes.
  • You have the time to work not only in your business serving clients but also to work ON your business. No excuses – weekends, early mornings, late nights, whatever it takes. But you MUST be willing to put in the time to complete the exercises fully and completely, participate in group coaching and in the private mastermind group, both online and virtually video to video.  It’s only fair to the other group members.

Finally, you must be willing to open your mind to new ideas and approaches in order to win more contracts.

This is my favorite question to answer. Those free programs, while valuable, provide you with an overview of the process from the government’s perspective. What I deliver to you is a step-by-step plan created by people who have WON contracts and AWARDED contracts. You will have assignments designed to give you immediate hands-on practice DOING what is necessary to win as well as instructions on HOW to implement what you learn. You have access to all the market intelligence you need to develop a data based approach to winning contracts through our partnership with Federal Compass. All the information you need about current opportunities and recompetes are available in one place. No need to wade through data from bid matching services and then search out who your competitors are likely to be and what recompetes are likely coming down the pike.

And, most importantly, I am going to COACH you as you take action to move your business through the processes necessary to win government contracts.

Of course, everything is available – for a price. 

But the reality is that studies, like those conducted by Stanford University, confirm that people learn best from a group of peers. The group experience is particularly meaningful for new companies because many share the same challenges while learning and implementing the same skills. The sharing of ideas, challenges, and SOLUTIONS by other businesspeople walking the same path is mutually beneficial, empowering and enlightening. And the connections you make in this program will pay dividends for your business for years to come.

Program Contents

Week 1 – Overview of Government Contracts – 2 hours

  • Meet the typical contracting team inside the government
    • Introduction to the seven steps of acquisition planning followed by the typical government contracting team mapped to GovCon capture, proposal and delivery phases
      • Requests for information
      • Sources Sought
      • Commenting on Draft documents
      • Industry Days
      • Source Selection
      • Discussions/Negotiations
      • Debriefings
      • Kick-off post award
    • Overview of Contracting Methods and terms
    • Common contract vehicles
    • Q&A

Week 2 – Opportunity Identification – 90 minutes

  • Begin using databases (public and paid) to gather market intelligence concerning organizations and agencies that have historically purchased your products and services to identify the following.
    • Ancillary opportunities to provide related services
    • Potential Prime contractors or teaming partners
    • Preferred contract methods
    • Preferred contract vehicles
    • Q&A
    • Homework

Week 3 – 60 minutes

  • Creating Opportunity Profiles
  • Learn to locate and verify individual agency forecasts for target agencies
  • Introduction to the Freedom of Information Act, its purpose, use and procedures
  • Identify key points of contact in target agencies
  • How to begin a strategy to shape an upcoming opportunity
  • Q&A
  • Homework

Week 4 – Implementation Guidance – 60 minutes

  • Group Putting it all together implementation session
  • Review your homework assignment
  • Answer your questions on implementation

Week 5 – Market Position – 60 minutes

  • Your strategy –
    • Product
    • Service
    • Existing or new
    • Specialization/Low-hanging fruit
  • Your goals
  • Your objectives
  • Homework

Week 6 (February 20, 2021) – Making Contact within Federal Agencies – 60 minutes

  • Learn the 4 channels for making contact inside federal agencies and how and when to use each
  • Messaging
    • Key concept
    • Tools
  • Q&A

Week 7 (February 27, 2021) – Introduction to Capture – 2 hours

  • Develop or ditch the opportunity profile
  • Relationships
  • Call Plan
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SWOT analysis and weakness mitigation

Week 8 (March 5, 2021) – Implementation Guidance – 60 minutes

  • Group Putting it all together implementation session
  • Review your homework assignment
  • Answer your questions on implementation

Week 9 (March 12, 2021) – 2 hours

      • The Art and Science for making reasoned bid/no bid decisions
        • Pre-RFP Capture Planning Worksheet
        • RFP Evaluation Worksheet
        • Bid/No Bid Process
          • Examine Evaluation Criteria
          • Identify Win Themes and strengths
          • Assess relevant past performance
          • Identify Weaknesses and plan to mitigate
          • Estimate resource (time, writers, experts, budget)
        • Proposal Management
          • The role of questions and answers in proposal preparation
          • Compliance Matrix
          • Create annotated outlines with win themes, discriminators and page limits
          • Organize and direct the kick-off meeting

In addition to these learning assets, individual coaching and implementation sessions you will receive the following bonuses.

  • Individual 45-minute strategy session
  • Win More Contracts by Writing Better Proposals replay
  • Common GovCon Words and Terms Webinar replay
  • How to Make Government Contracting Work ebook
  • Freedom of Information Act Guide
  • How to Create Your Marketing Message – self-study clas

Investment: $3,100
Payment plans AVAILABLE

Best ROI: $500 rapid decision discount for payment in full OF $2,600

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