Merry and Bright in 2021 and all through 2022!

Next week is Thanksgiving. The full complement of year end holidays are rapidly approaching.

For some, this is the time of year to kick back and “smell the Frankinsence and Myrrh”. For others, it’s a time of reflection and planning for the New Year.

In GovCon, traditionally the government drops big solicitations during the holiday season, like the Polaris release which is expected on December 21. (Although I hope MY clients are well positioned to respond quickly!)

This holiday season, I’d like to encourage you to do something special for your GovCon business.

It is vital to your business’ long term survival to review how our company performed in 2021.

  • Did you meet your annual revenue target?
  • What can you do NOW to get close to or even exceed that number?
  • List your achievements and your challenges
  • How did your employees/partners/associates do in attaining their goals?
  • Are you on budget or is there anything left over to make a tax deductible improvement that will propel your business to another level?
  • Does your company’s in person, social media and internet presence need a facelift or a revamp?

And it is equally important to plan what you will achieve in 2022.

  • Set your priorities: growth (contract awards*), new product/service, increased margins?
  • Make the most of the challenges you faced this year by making necessary changes (a common need is to improve execution after the contract award)
  • Do you need new team members – and if so – what skills do they need? Will these new additions be employees or 1099s?
  • Set new revenue goals and develop a plan – and a pipeline – to win more contracts

And one more thing

Make an action plan that details what needs to be done, by whom and by when. You know – SMART goals lead to achievements. Then work the plan, adjust, and meet your goals for your business.

Happy 2021 Holiday season!