I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last several days with a group of government small business professionals committed to making sure the government meets their small business goals.

I’ve learned a few things about efforts the government is considering on a range of topics from the impacts of MACs/BICs/GWACs, the density (or lack) of 8(a) contractors, CMMC (DOD’s Project Spectrum), OTAs, HUBZones, changes in the regulations, and efforts by DOD to buy technology in a more efficient way.

In general, the small business industrial base is shrinking. More dollars are going to small businesses but the number of discrete small businesses receiving those dollars is down by 43%. There is much speculation about the cause, but it appears to be linked to the government’s efforts to streamline purchasing and buy in a centralized manner. Think the newly minted GSA STARS III and other GSA designated best in class contracts. And don’t forget to factor in the individual contract vehicles that agencies designate as the mandatory purchasing method for specific supplies and services. (Think BPAs and MACs.)

Several things are under consideration to counter the decrease in the number of small businesses winning government contracts. In the meantime, there are a few things you must do.

  1. Find out which purchasing methods and contract vehicles your target agencies are required to use. Often this information is included in agency forecasts. If not, pick up the phone or send an email. You need to know this.
  2. Review award data to see who uses which purchasing method.
  3. Get a GSA schedule. This gives you an easy alternative to offer to your prospect in the event that you don’t have access.
  4. Establish mutual teaming partnerships. Use these partnerships to expand your access to your target agencies when you don’t have the contract vehicle they use to buy your product or service. Ideally you will be able to give the same benefits to your partners.

Until relief comes, you need a strategy. Call me at 630-263-9238 to schedule a time to talk about HOW to get started with your strategy.