Ready, Compete, Win!

Background: Once a company has made the decision to pursue government contracts they realize that the learning curve is steep. They also realize that winning involves executing a whole new set of business processes. GovCon Academy’s Ready, Compete, Win! program  was designed to lead companies through a structured one-year program that cuts the learning curve.  The program leads companies through a progression of hands-on training sessions, each designed to prepare them to compete and ultimately win contracts. Participants engage in the following activities. 

  • Develop an evidence-based marketing plan from beginning to end.
  • Develop and execute effective capture strategies for prime and subcontracts
  • Develop and deliver effective briefing materials
  • Learn to make contact with and communicate with agency decision makers
  • Prepare necessary documents for ongoing marketing and outreach to agencies and potential teaming partners
  • Write compliant and compelling proposals that win business

Getting Started with the basic knowledge

Module 1 – Learning the Lingo

Module 2 – Conduct an analysis of government spend

Module 3 – Small Business Rules

Module 4 – Contracting Methods

Capture and Marketing

Introduction to Capture

Module 1 – Identification of target agencies

Module 2 – Develop Leads

Module 3 – Making Contact in Government Agencies

Module 4 – Marketing Documents

Module 5 – Online Presence

Module 6 – Effective outreach and follow up

Module 7 – Analyzing solicitations  

Module 8 – Making Bid/No bid Decisions

Proposals that win business

You will work through a real solicitation that will be evaluated and critiqued by a former GovCon professional. In this process you will complete the following actions. 

  • Content outline
  • Compliance Matrix
  • Past Performance Summaries
  • Resumes
  • Technical Approach
  • Executive Summary

Ready, Compete, Win Program


A 60 minute strategy session where we talk about YOUR goals, set timelines and milestones for the work you will do in the program.

10 Monthly Training Events.

Each event is designed to walk you through the steps you need to follow in order to win government prime and sub contracts. You receive detailed instructions, tools and templates to produce the results you need.

10 Monthly Coaching Sessions

Each month you will participate in a coaching session with your facilitator where we focus on solving particular challenges you are facing.

Re-Focus Session 

Once a year we’ll gather together to work ON your business. Dedicated time away from the demands of the day-to-day to reset your strategy for the next year.


As you execute, questions will come up. Each month get two of your most pressing questions answered by email within 48 hours. 

Private Linked In Group

Collaboration and networking are part of success in GovCon. This is the space to make new connections and get feedback from your peers.

Access to all GovCon Academy webinars and events

GovCon is an exciting and fast moving market. Stay abreast of changes and trends with our educational programs.

Who Should Attend:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Capture/marketing/sales personnel for small businesses
  • Key personnel at small businesses
  • Personnel tasked with responding to solicitations of any type (RFQ, RFQ, IFB, Combined, IDIQs, BPA)
  • Personnel responsible for managing and successfully performing government contracts