Saving an opportunity that has gone awry

Is it possible to save an opportunity that has not gone the way you thought it would? Maybe. Let’s talk about a couple of strategies to try and how you can use this disappointment to position yourself more favorably in the future.

Last time I shared a story about a client who lost the opportunity to compete for a requirement they had been tracking for years because the agency chose to use a contract vehicle that they did not have.

Once this becomes obvious is there anything you can do?

  1. Examine the acquisition approach carefully to find reasons to challenge the solicitation. In our instance the agency planned to use a GSA schedule for a non-related category. After we discovered this, we contacted the agency small business office and asked them why this requirement was being competed this way. We also provided them with information documenting that this strategy was likely to limit competition. Other reasons to challenge the solicitation can be harder to spot and difficult to substantiate. If you are challenging something in the solicitation always be certain that you have objective facts to support the challenge. No one likes a sore loser that gums up the works just because they can.
  2. Find a team partner. Teaming on GSA schedule contracts can be challenging because both parties must have the schedule that is being used. A good strategy these days is to consider what NOT having a GSA schedule is costing you in potential revenue.
  3. Flag the agency and the contacts that you made. An opportunity that is out of reach today maybe will be within your reach next time around.
  4. Keep in touch with the contacts that you made. Stay top of mind so that they remember you the next time they have a similar requirement.