Ready to Compete and Win?

GovCon Academy helps you to find and target the right opportunities that offer the highest probability for your company to win a government contract. From opportunity identification through proposal submission, we use our experience, our relationships, and our processes to create and execute strategies that win contracts.


Capture planning is the foundation of any contract award. To improve your win rate, we uncover the customer need you fulfill and the contract outcome that the customer needs. Then we help you assess the likely acquisition strategy so that teaming alliances can be formed early. Finally, we assess the competition. Our process means you bid less, but win more.

Strategy Development

Based on the information learned in the capture process we prepare your team in advance of the solicitation. By the time the solicitation is issued, you have outlined a concept of operations that will deliver the outcome the customer needs. You have identified and secured the right resources. You have a rough estimate of your cost. Your have carefully mapped your past performance to the likely evaluation criteria.

Proposal Management

We can support the entire proposal process from outlining to submission. Based on your needs and budget, we assign the right resources to make the process easier and more cost efficient. We maintain a pool of experienced and talented writers, editors, designers, and desktop publishers. We can staff the entire proposal team, or augment your internal resources. We excel at supporting the color review process.


Winning contracts requires you to know the rules, know the players, understand the process, and leverage your relationships. We teach you and your employees how to win – and how to leverage the rules to your advantage when appropriate. Our GovCon Business Incubator School was designed for companies who are either just getting started in GovCon, who want to transition from sub to prime, or and for who are struggling to win business on a GSA schedule or a multiple award contract. We also teach your eager and ambitious customer facing employees the art of leveraging your company’s reputation and their client relationships to grow their existing contracts and to win new contracts.

Service Packages

  • Advisor
    $450 per month
    • Monthly 45 minute coaching call
    • Phone and email support
    • Access to all resources, tools, and video content
  • Coach
    $1,000 per month
    • All Advisor benefits
    • Quarterly planning retreat
    • Two additional coaching calls

    Three month minimum commitment

  • Advocate
    $1,599 per month
    • All Coach benefits
    • Customized Strategic Plan
    • One proposal review monthly
    • BONUS: 12 month license to Federal Compass Market Intelligence Tool**

    **Minimum three month commitment. GSA/GWAC plug-in for Federal Compass not included

Coaching and Consulting Services

Hourly rates

Capture and Strategy Development

  • Opportunity Identification
  • Strategic Planning
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Moving from subcontractor to prime contractor
  • Bid/No-Bid Support
  • Capabilities Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Teaming Alliance and Strategies

Proposal Support


GovCon Business Incubator School

You have a choice. Pay someone to win contracts for you – and cross your fingers that they really can win for you. Or you can learn to do it yourself so you know how to grow your business and train your team to replicate YOUR process.

Project Team Business Development Support

Are you tired of losing to competitors who win more contracts because their people know how to sell to the government?

We teach your employees how to use your company’s reputation and their relationship with the agency contacts to keep, grow and win new government contracts.

Available as a one day program or two half days.

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