Conquering GovCon Category Management – Polaris

It’s a brand new year in GovCon. The focus of our first event is category management, specifically Polaris.

Experts that track data are noticing a disturbing trend. Fewer and fewer government contract opportunities are purchase after soliciting offers on Many opportunities are solicited using MATOCs (Multiple Award Task Order Contracts) like OASIS, Alliant, and agency specific vehicles.

This trend is likely to continue. What strategy is best for your business? Do you need to compete for a spot on all of these vehicles? Or should you be more selective? Or do you need more teaming partners? Will a GSA MAS award help you gain access to more opportunities?

All good questions. All questions you MUST answer if you want to grow your GovCon Business.

Join us for a lunch and learn as we talk about answers to all of these questions and launch a new team consortium for small businesses to conquer category management.