Virtual Acquisition – Inception Through Award

Technology is playing a larger role in GovCon. To compete you need to figure out your approach to operating amongst a growing array of new virtual tools that may stick around long after the pandemic is over.

Get ready to win by improving these skills

Videos. It is not a matter of if – but when – your government prospect will include video as part of the qualification or evaluation process. While the government is not expecting videos produced by film school graduates, you know that the best videos – with relevant and compelling content – are bound to receive higher scores. Get ready for this now.

Presentations. Oral presentations are not new, but they are becoming more common again. And they often include a show and tell aspect where the project team – not sales and marketing – is required to talk about their con-ops or demonstrate a technology. Sales people are used to this. Project personnel – not so much. Invest in processes and training that will improve their presentation and demo skills in front of an audience of prospective clients.

Hybrid communications. Agencies are working with a variety of technologies that are based on virtual communication, virtual data sharing via secure cloud solutions and virtual submission. This has expanded their reach and their efficiency – so many agencies are expanding this capability. Make sure that your entire team, from BD to contracts, is comfortable working virtually and in adapting to new and evolving means of data sharing in a fully virtual acquisition environment.